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Welcome to Promotional I.T. Solutions, where we're not just another importer and wholesaler but Australia's leading hub for creative consumer electronics, tailor-made for the advertising and marketing industry.

With 30 years of trading experience, we’ve successfully weathered all economic, health, I.T. and competitor storms because we understand Good Tech. Our roots in the computer industry have fuelled our transformation of the promotional product landscape. Being pioneers in bringing new electronics to market in the past, we continue to do so today.

Our commitment to you, the distributor, is unwavering, with our supply chain spanning Asia, the USA, the UK, and the EU. Overseas suppliers trust us to represent their brand and range thanks to our dedication, integrity, and exclusive focus on one category.

While generic products abound, we take it a step further. We offer uniquely crafted electronic merchandise from companies like Brand Charger, PSL and Premium Square. We market to all but strategically sell through the distributor network. Join us in setting trends and making your mark in marketing and electronics.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

At Promotional I.T. Solutions, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a commitment to doing the right things. It's about how we operate within our workplace, how we conduct our business, our choices in selecting overseas suppliers, and our dedication to preserving the environment.

We believe that every individual and corporation is responsible for being socially and environmentally conscious, not just in our personal lives but also in our corporate DNA.

When it comes to our suppliers, we go the extra mile. We conduct regular face-to-face meetings and inspections to ensure that their business practises align with international global standards, including Quality Management System (ISO9001), Social Accountability (SA8000), Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Recycled Claim Standard (RCS).

We don't engage with random suppliers; we collaborate only with those with a proven track record of excellence. It's not just about business; it's about positively impacting our shared environment.


At Promotional I.T. Solutions, we are committed to implementing sustainable practices in all possible areas of our operation, from product design to packaging and partnerships.

We offer corporate gifts that showcase cutting-edge technology and reduce ecological footprint by using recycled materials and reducing the need for disposable items.

We are embracing more eco-friendly materials, including RPET, hemp, bamboo, wheat straw, recycled ABS, and cork in our products. They have a lower impact on the environment during production, offer sustainable alternatives to traditional materials, and create a more sustainable supply chain.

We partner with like-minded suppliers who share our commitment to ethical and eco-conscious practices to promote sustainability. Our collaborations strengthen our ability to create positive change and contribute towards a more sustainable future.

Brand Charger

Quality and Safety First - Caprina is bringing a leading tech company to the market with safe & high-quality electronic products. Brand Charger was among the first to achieve "Product Safety Aware" in the PPAI Products Safety Awareness Program.

Brand Charger's aim goes beyond creating beautiful and inspiring products. They are dedicated to providing solutions that enhance modern lifestyles while treading lightly on the planet. Their commitment to planet-friendly methods paves the way for a sustainable life for future generations.

Their recipe for success is elegantly simple - a deep understanding of branding, a keen eye for functionality, and a touch of design expertise. This winning combination has propelled Brand Charger to earn 34 industry awards and global nominations in 12 years, establishing them as a formidable player in the Corporate Gifts Industry with a worldwide presence spanning over 100 countries.

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